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Sunday, 26 October 2008

The meaning of live and the Truth

A central question in the existence of every human being is: What is the meaning of live? Although it might be a subject that most people put deep away or is might be a question they don't really want to be answered. The question usually comes back though, especially when times are hard or when we get older and the end of our live in this world is drawing nearer.

The answer to the question is however not as difficult as someone expects. It is not bound to different personalities or any personal position in live as might be the popular belief. Cutting straight to the point, the meaning of life can only be found in having a relation with God and accept his son Jesus Christ in your life as Saviour. In this way we come to know the only Truth. The meaning of life is to start to understand the reasons for our existence by building up a relation with God and to grow towards eternal life where you will join God, the Angels and Saints in the paradise of Heaven.

Here on earth, God gives you a chance to make up your own mind of what you want to do in eternity, how you want to spend it. In this life on earth he gives you the choice to choose for or against him, to start a relation with him which continues into eternity or not. He gives you the opportunity to accept him and enjoy a relation with him and feel his love in your live now and into eternity. God loves all people on this earth since he created them all, and his love goes so far that He also allows you to reject him, for you to choose to take things in your own hands and live without Him.

Part of our exsistence on earth can be seen as a chance to make a choice to join God in Heaven and worship Him and give him praise along with the Angels and the Saint or to reject God and be in self control as did Lucifer and the fallen angels. This choice is given at the beginning of the world where the serpent tells Eve in the garden of Eden to eat from the tree of knowledge and the first lie in the world was told: "You will be like gods, knowing good and evil?" (Gen 3:5).

Once you make the choice to follow God, you have to make the next step is to live a life according to the objective Truth. The Truth is partly revealed by God in the form of the Scriptures as found in Holy Bible, and in fullness in His son Jesus. Through these the Lord want to help you to follow Him. Living in the Truth does not mean that you have to suffer, that life has to be hard or that you have to become moody as that is not Gods intention of our stay on earth. To be a christian is to life in the Joy of knowing God, and to spread this joy among others.

Following God is not difficult, as He also gave us the Spirit in our baptism to help and guide us. God is very willing to help us to fulfil this live according to his plan as long as we are prepared to live a live of Truth and are willing to listen to his guidance.

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Thank you and "Amen!" to your wonderful post.

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The message was so powerful that just seconds after receiving it, I made a promise to live my life by doing ONLY what Spirit told me to do. So, I listened. I followed.

Was it hard? Sure, sometimes. I've never liked doing what I was told to do; Ego does tend to stand in the way.

However, my six-year, Spirit-led adventure grew so large, so amazing that I just had to share my story with the world. (And I was "told" to write a book about it.)

The message of my story is simple: You, too, can add meaning to every day of your life if you Always Follow Spirit!

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